Friday 22nd July
We are finally in New Zealand, it was a pretty adventurous trip though! Friday was a very busy day of organising, packing and buying last minute gear to take away with us. It was at this point we realised how small our packs really were and it took a while to go through what we REALLY needed! Around 5pm we got a text from Jetstar letting us know our flight had been delayed until 1am... awesome start but at least we new early so after a long night of getting things organised we drove to the airport for a bitter sweet good bye to the Morris family. At check-in we enquired as to why the flight was delayed and we were informed that they were well understaffed! What a great reason. At around 1pm we realised we wouldn't be going anywhere soon and it took until 2.30am to get on our way Jordan wasn't too upset by this though coz he got to watch the end of the Tour de France. At around 4.30am we got to Will and Karlys in Melbourne and were very ready for bed!

Saturday 23rd July
Luckily Will had had a big night Friday night so we got to have a sleep in to get over our late night. By the time we got up and ready to go it was nearly 12pm and Will took us to this amazing Mexican breakfast place called Blue Corn. Here we got a mixture of burritos and fajita god were they good!!! Needless to say we didn't need much food for the rest of the day. After exploring St Killda we went home to relax before heading to the football at the MCG stadium to watch Carlton vs Essendon. 

We also managed to fit in an amazing burger from Andrews Hamburgers. At 6pm we made our way to the MCG and watched I have to say one of the best football games ever... It helped that Carlton won 153 to 79 :)

After that we headed to an outdoor bar called Ponyfish Island on the Yarra River for a couple of quiet drinks... a good way to end our Melbourne Adventure with a great view (see below).

Lots of Love Sam & Jordan x