New Zealand

Sunday 24th July - Monday 1st August 

So i finally found some time to write about my trip to NZ. It was such an amazing week. We got in early Sunday night and after a bit of relaxation all the girls came around with their boyfriends and we had a few wines. It was also Sarahs birthday which was really nice so we had cupcakes that Alice and Steph made by hand :)

Monday was a quiet day we just did a few things to get ready for our trip and then Monday night the westy girls came around and had a few drinks. Tuesday we did our photography course with Annemarie Hogenbirk. Here we learnt a heap about appature and shutter speed and how to use our camera which was awesome! That night we had family come over for my Aunty Lyns birthday so family roast was the dish of the night YUM! Wednesday was another quiet day later that night i caught up with the girls again for our normal Wednesday wine and gossip... god i missed that! 
Thursday i got the pleasure of spending the Morning with Taz and Kylan, god he had grown up so much and looked like his mum :) He was such a sweet little boy and it made me a bit sad that i wasn't there watching him grow up! 

'Thursday avo we ended up going to takapuna to dads work and then we caught the ferry over to the city to have a look around. The weather was ok so it was a good photo opportunity! That night i caught up with everyone over a thai meal there was about 20 of us so it was super roudy and so much fun. After the we headed to Macs Bar for a few local beers!

Friday me jordan amz and steph headed down to cooks beach for the weekend... i was pretty hung over but we loaded up with snacks and the ride wasn't to bad... 

That night we got into the monopoly and about 8pm sam sarah soph and ally finally turned up and over a few drinks we had a very intense game of cranium. It was a close game but Alice and Jordan were the overall champions (which they loved) 

Saturday was another good day, the weather was warmish and sunny.We decided to go out in the boat with mum and dad and ended up going for a little fish. That night was pretty quiet we got spoiled with eye fillets on the bbq and roast veges YUM!


Sunday was another awesome day, Jordan mum and dad headed out on the boat again to fish and Steph, amz and I headed to cathedral cove to take some photos. 

The weather was amazing again and we had a really good day down at the beach. The other guys were pretty succsesful to and got heaps of fish which we had fresh for tea that night. 

Sunday night we headed back to Auckland and Monday was a day of packing and organising to fly out that night.

Overall it was an amazing week and it was so nice to see all my beautiful friends and family. Honestly felt like nothing had changed at all and it felt good to fit nicely back in. Was hard to leave but we were pretty excited for the next leg of the trip.