Tuesday 5th – Wednesday 6th July 

Disneyland was so amazing we spent from 7.30 untill 11 or 12pm there both days and were still rushing from one place to another. I can´t believe how clean and nice it was… the staff there were amazing and the characters were hilarious. We had such an amazing time and did not want to leave at all!! It really was the most magical place on earth.

Thursday 4th August
After two days at disneyland and California adventure park we headed to Hollywood. This meant we had to borrow a car and drive there. although i had a GPS i still struggled with giving jordan directions and we made a few wrong turns and ended up in the bronks a bit but it was alllll good. We then headed to six flags a roller coaster theme park which was fun but had nothing on disneyland... it was hot a bit dirty and the rides were long so at around 3pm we headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit. That night we headed to Hollywood to do the walk of fame and got shushu this japanese food that comes out raw and you cook it in boiling water and add sauces! GOD it was amazing and pretty cheap.

Friday 5th August
The next day we headed to Hollywood Studios for the day. This was really good as we got there early and managed to miss almost all the long lines. I got to see wisteria lane and a whole heap of other sets. there was also heaps of virtual rides here. That night we went back into hollywood for a few beers and some more asian food this time sushi box YUM!!!

Saturday 6th August
Saturday was our lasy day in Hollywood so we went to Venice Beach and rented bikes and rode along Santa Monica Pier. The weather the whole time in CA was amazing so we had lots of fun riding here and managed to get super burnt ouch!! That night we had to make our way to the airport for an 10pm flight. Unfortunately the metro was shut and we weren't able to get any last minute shuttles so we decided to bus it. Our hotel was in a pretty mexican area which was ok (but still a bit scarey at night). At around 6pm we headed to the bus stop to catch the bus down Vermont Street to the Corner of Florence street this was to take about 40 minutes and then we had to change busses and get on a LAX bus which would take another 30 or 40 minutes. As we were on our first but down to Florence the people on our bus got progressivly blacker untill we were definitely the only white people on the bus (before there had been a few mexican and asians) We got a little worried but thought oh well it can´t be to bad. By the time we got to our stop at around 6.45 we were in the Ghetto and had no other option but to wait for our next bus. When we got off there were heaps of dodgy people around and some bums came up and asked for money... then our guardian angel appeared... this big black guy who loved austalia haha (who would have thought ;) ) His bus came but he decided to wait around and told us we were in avery bad area and we should not be there especially at night. he helped us find our bus and showed us the way... everyone warned us about south america but no one told us to watch out in Hollywood haha!! Ohh well we made it to the airport on time and got on our flight so overall it was a good week in LA we were exausted and spent a bit of money but had an incredible time!!!

Saturday/ Sunday 6th August
So we finally made it to Miami. We got on our flight at around 10pm with Spirit airlines. (I am telling you now NEVER fly with them, they are the shitest airline ever! ) The flight landed at around 6.15am so I thought it was a 8 hour flight… stupid me I forgot all about the time difference! SHIT so we got off the plane at 3.15am our time needless to say we were both pretty tired. ( I have to say I was friken glad to get off though there was no food, it was boiling and even with my short legs there was not enough room!!!!! )
After renting a car we made our way to CAMILA”S WOOOHOOO – here is your shout out Camila haha after a an hours rest we headed into Miami to do a bit of shopping on our way to Daytona. Here I purchased three bikinis, two dresses, a top and some shorts (which I ended up taking back) NOT BAD! At around 12pm we were on our way it took about 5 hours to get to Daytona (with food stops) but it was highway the whole way which was good!

Sunday 7th August
When we got to Daytona Sam baff picked us up from the airport where we dropped our hire car (we had organised a ride back to Miami with our friend Laguna) and we headed to our humble abode The Conche House. NOT! Haha na the hotel was ok, especially when we ended up paying $35 each for three nights accommodation (there were 6 of us in our room). That afternoon everyone else got there from Camp and we had a few beers in the pool…. Life’s tough. Later that night after some pizza and beers we headed out to the night clubs. Everything was pretty quiet but we ended up at a gay bar where the drinks were cheap $2 long island ice tea’s, the music was loud and the company was awesome. Around 12pm I took Camila home to bed haha drunken head and we partied for a few more hours!

Monday 8th August
Daytona Day 2: Woke up sorta early and decided to go for a run to try and get rid of my hangover… it actually helped! After a swim at the beach we all decided to head to IHOP for breakfast. It was at this point the rain and thunder storms set in so the rest of the day was spent resting by some… and beer pong by others! At  around 7pm we all headed out for tea, I realllly wanted Indian but the stupid place was closed on Mondays so we settled for ‘ocean deck’ a bar that sells good chicken wings, cold beer and had a live band… unfortunately they no longer sold cheap cocktail buckets so we missed out on these this year!

Tuesday 9th August
Day 3: Today started out a bit sunnier so we tried to sunbathe, after about 15 minutes the storm clouds came in and everyone was ordered out of the pool! After a rest everyone was rearing to go. A couple of the boys – Jordan, baff, Nimesh and Tibs headed to the Oyster bar to watch some football game over a few gin and tonics (real manly guys) Back at the Conche a few of us decided to play beer pong (which included three beer cups and three vodka cups). I had never played this, but I was teamed up with Sugar a beer pong master and the most beautiful gay man EVER! First Tom and Camila played and they wiped Harriet and Sarahs butt, so the girls had to do a beer bong each as a consequence.  Sugar and I then beat Tom and Camila (beer bong time guys) then we were beaten by jimmy and Laguna and so on…. By the time the guys got back from the bar everyone was pretty drunk and we decided to head to our favourite karaoke bar “tailgaters” a Daytona Tradition. There was about 30 of us there in the end which was pretty funny… everyone did a bit of karaoke, played pool and drunk way to much. It was a bloody good night and a good way to end our few days in Daytona.

Wednesday 10th  August – Friday 12th August
Wednesday morning we said goodbye to everyone and made our way back to Miami. After three days of drinking and pretty shit food we decided to cook Camila’s family dinner: Salmon risotto! It turned out ok… that night camila picked up Joh from the airport which was awesome and we got to catchup. The next day was an intense day of shopping but I managed to get a couple of pairs of shoes, a dress, a tshirt and a hairdryer. Woopee. That night most people from Daytona met up for a few beers but we were pretty exhausted and had an early flight the next day so we stayed home. Thanks Camila, and your beautiful family for letting us stay you are the best and we hope to see you in SA or Australia soon x